Thursday, 6 September 2012

Galaxy Nails

I know that there are about 3879873498273 tutorials on this, but it's what I've spent my afternoon playing with, so I figured I would do a little tutorial!

First, I used the following products:

 Left to right, Essie polishes in 'mod square', 'turquoise & caicos' and 'aruba blue'. Sally Hansen Insta dri in 'Lightening', Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen, Revlon Nail art Moon Candy, OPI Drip Dry and Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing four in one treatment.

 You'll also need a makeup sponge, and a set of tweezers to help.

Paint your nails a solid black (or a dark blue/purple if you'd like).

Dip the sponge in white, and, using the tweezers to grasp the sponge piece,  dab it across your nails in a thin layer. Allow a few minutes to dry.

Then, dip the sponge in your selected colours. I started with a light green, followed by a small amount of yellow and finally some pink. Layer each colour on one at a time and allow a bit of time in between for it to dry. Dab the colours near each other/over top of each other along the white swath you've already created. Finish with a dark blue (or purple etc.) along the outside edges, blending into the black.

Next, dip a toothpick (or a bobby pin), something small and thin and quickly stipple it onto your nails to create clusters of small 'stars'. Then, dab one or two larger white spots.

Finally, swipe on a clear sparkly polish to add further dimension and 'stars' and finish with a top coat. VOILA, galaxy nails! clean up the edges of your nails if need be with a q tip dipped in nail polish remover.

& there you have it!

I think my next effort is going to involve just purple and blues, and I'm going to try and find something with smaller sparkles in it, but as a first attempt I'm pleased as punch!

Feel free to show me yours!  A